Andy Calkiewicz is Devoted to His Family

Andy Calkiewicz has a busy career as both an academic at Columbia University and as a professor of art at New York University. Though it’s difficult to manage the responsibilities of his two professional roles, he always manages to find the time for his wife and newborn son.

Andy Calkiewicz believes that family should always come first. Career and academic pursuits are important and should not be undervalued, though Andy Calkiewicz believes that the needs of his family, and his responsibilities as a new father, should always be at the forefront of his life. Andy makes the care of his family unit his highest priority, regardless of anything else that’s going on.

Andy Calkiewicz

Andy Calkiewicz

As the father of a new baby boy, Andy Calkiewicz throws the majority of his time and energy into the raising of his child. Each moment that Andy Calkiewicz spends with his newborn is a reminder of how lucky he is to be alive. His wife, Alexandra, is committed to the nurture and the care of her new child, and is proud to be the member of a thriving and growing family unit.

Andy Calkiewicz knows how difficult it can to be both a responsible father and a successful college professor, yet he always seems to find the time to excel in both positions. Andy continues to adjust to his life as a busy professional and family man, and believes that the joys of fatherhood are the best things a young man has the opportunity to experience in his life.


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