Andy Calkiewicz: Changing the Definition of Art

Andy Calkiewicz is an NYU art professor who believes that art should always push the boundaries of understanding. As an enthusiastic student and teacher of the 20th century Avant Garde Art movements, Andy Calkiewicz understands how a thinking outside the box approach to art work can not only shake up the art community, but provide people an amazing opportunity for people to reconsider how they see and experience the known world.

Andy Calkiewicz

Andy Calkiewicz

Andy Calkiewicz wants every student to experience something special in the classroom. It is his desire to show students that art is more than what exists in a book or that is taught in a lesson. Art, says Andy Calkiewicz, is a passion for understanding, for learning, and for tapping into the unknown. Andy understands that art has a varied and rich history that deserves to be taught and understood, but that art should also reflect what a person thinks and feels about the world. Andy Calkiewicz seeks to provide inspiring lectures that do more than just lay out facts and statistics about artists and movements. He wants to invoke a sense of passion for the possibilities of art.

Andy Calkiewicz studied art at both the Rhode Island School of Design and at Columbia University. He is quickly approaching his Doctoral degree. Andy Calkiewicz has had the opportunity to publish his thoughts on the Avant Garde movements of the 20th century, and has several books to his credit. Andy is respected in the art community for his knowledge and his passion for the movements that forever changed the way we see and experience art.


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