Andy Calkiewicz: How to Keep An Audience’s Attention

Andy Calkiewicz knows a thing or two about public speaking, and about the challenges of effectively reaching an audience. Maintaining a rapt and alert crowd is certainly no easy task, though Andy Calkiewicz has mastered the ability to keep an audience intrigued and attuned to his message.

Andy Calkiewicz is a teacher of art history at New York University, and has learned how to develop a lasting rapport with his students. Relying on an extensive knowledge base and an unrelenting enthusiasm for education, Andy is able to convey his insight and knowledge to a university-level audience on a daily basis. Andy Calkiewicz seeks to inspire his students to not only keep focused on his lecture and delivery, but also to use the learned information to tackle the challenges of an art career.

Andy Calkiewicz

Andy Calkiewicz

Andy Calkiewicz is continuing his education at Columbia University, and is now nearing the completion of the PhD program. As a specialist in art history, most specifically the Avant Garde movement, Andy hopes to continue to utilize his education to inspire others. His goal is to provide his students with an accurate and entertaining portrayal of a movement that played a very large role in his academic career.

Speaking to a crowd, any crowd, can be extremely nerve-wracking and stressful. Andy Calkiewicz very quickly overcame his public speaking fears, in part due his desire to share his knowledge of the art community. Andy Calkiewicz has enthusiasm for Surrealism and Dadaism as they have served as the foundation for his continued career success.


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