Andy Calkiewicz: Making Great Art

Andy Calkiewicz has a passion for both studying and teaching art. His focus on the movements of Dadaism and Surrealism allow him to experience an interesting and paradigm shifting art genre that has drastically changed the way people around the world approach the development and appreciation of great art.

Andy Calkiewicz has the privilege of exposing young minds to an interesting and oft-overlooked art movement. His expertise on the Dadaist and Surrealist movements allows him to convey an in-depth understanding of the artists and art scene during the explosion of avant garde expression. Andy Calkiewicz enjoys educating young people on genres that are often dismissed or overlooked by other art professors and aficionados. The power of the avant garde movement wasn’t lost on Andy Calkiewicz, who understands the lasting and earth-shattering impact it had, and continues to have, on people’s perception of modern day art.

Andy Calkiewicz (2)

Andy is currently a professor of art at New York University, helping countless students develop a better understanding of one if his favorite subjects. Andy Calkiewicz is studied academic and published author who is considered one of the brightest and most informed minds regarding the Avant Garde movement.

Andy Calkiewicz is currently working towards his Doctorate at Columbia University. Now working on his dissertation, Andy Calkiewicz seeks to use his PhD to further educate his pupils about the wonderful and varied history of Avant Garde and the impacts it continues to have to this day. Andy has been teaching at New York University for over five years.


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