Andy Calkiewicz: Surrealism Expert

Andy Calkiewicz is well-studied and well-versed on the surrealist art movement. He has written and published several books on the subject, and currently teaches surrealism at New York University.

Andy Calkiewicz

Andy Calkiewicz

The surrealism movement includes such artists as Salvador Dali, who produced many famous pieces and has become to the most recognized surrealist of his day. Andy Calkiewicz has an in-depth knowledge of Dali and his fellow surrealists, and he never hesitates to share his expertise with his students. He has outlined the diverse group of both Surrealists and Dadaists in his literature, and has made them a focus of his classroom discussions.

Andy Calkiewicz is quickly becoming the go-to surrealist and Dadaist expert in the New York University campus. Students and faculty alike seek out Andy for his insight and his knowledge. Andy Calkiewicz has enjoyed the recognition of his peers, as well as that of the NYU student body, though he refuses to stop learning as much as he can about these amazing Avant Garde art movements. His commitment to learning is unparalleled.

Andy Calkiewicz doesn’t believe that you can ever know too much about a subject, particularly if you are employed as an academic professional. Andy Calkiewicz knows that education is an endless pursuit, and that is must always be given its due diligence.  Though many are considered experts on a given topic, there is always more to be learned. As someone who is tenaciously pursuing his PhD, Andy Calkiewicz understands that there is always more information to absorb.


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