Andy Calkiewicz: Published Author

Getting one’s book published is never an easy thing to do. Andy Calkiewicz, a professional academic and teacher. Has managed to have several books published, thanks to a combination of writing talent and subject expertise.

Andy Calkiewicz

Andy Calkiewicz

Andy Calkiewicz is considered by many of his peers, as well as his students, as an expert on art history, particularly the Avant Garde art movements of the twentieth century. His books tend to focus on the Dadaist and Surrealist movements, which produced a lot of interesting and talented artists. Andy Calkiewicz has produced insightful commentary and analysis of the Avant Garde movements, and many people use his books as a source of reference for Surrealism and Dadaism.

Andy Calkiewicz has earned a lot of respect for his work in the art history field. His books have helped to boost his credentials as both a quality academic and an art history expert. As a Surrealism and Dadaism specialist, Andy Calkiewicz stands out as one of the foremost authorities on Avant Garde movements in his profession. He continues to teach art history at New York University, dissecting these movements for his students and participating in thoughtful and well-informed discussions with his colleagues.

In addition to being a successful published author, Andy Calkiewicz is also a proud new father. He is happy to be the father of a brand new son named Adam. Andy Calkiewicz takes his responsibilities as a new dad very seriously, and manages to successfully balance his duties as both a respected academic and a parent.


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