Andy Calkiewicz: Art History is Fascinating

Andy Calkiewicz believes that art history is an extremely fascinating subject. He was drawn into the world of art history at a very early point in his academic career, and he continues to learn as much as can about the personalities, the eras and the numerous works that comprise this complex and challenging subject.

Andy Calkiewicz

Andy Calkiewicz

Andy Calkiewicz is a much beloved professor of Art History at New York University, a school known for its excellent art history program. He has made an excellent addition to the New York University art faculty, constantly exhibiting a passion for teaching and for the subject matter. Andy Calkiewicz’s students appreciate his enthusiasm, as well as the work he puts in to prepare for every class.  He has become so well-entrenched in the New York University art community that it would be very difficult to imagine it without him.

Andy Calkiewicz is continuing his art history education at Columbia University, which has earned much recognition for its art education curriculum. Pursuing a PhD is no easy task, yet Andy has been committed and dedicated from the onset. Adam Calkiewicz understands that the effort he puts in now will be well worth it, not only for his career, but for himself.

Andy Calkiewicz is proud to have earned a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in this amazingly interesting subject. Having the academic credentials necessary to build a solid and lasting career foundation is very important to Andy Calkiewicz. He hopes to continue teaching art history for a very long time.


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