Andy Calkiewicz Emphasizes Importance of Academics

Andy Calkiewicz knows how crucial it is to receive a quality college education. Andy has established a successful academic career through hard work, dedication and a sincere interest in furthering his career.

Andy Calkiewicz possesses both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree, each one focusing on his interests in art and art history. He was a student at the Rhode Island School of Art and Design, where he began to build a strong foundation in the art profession. Andy Calkiewicz was a very studious and dedicated art student who put in long hours at the school. His Rhode Island School experience helped him to discover his true academic potential. As the recipient of a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Art History and Visual Culture, Andy was able to establish strong roots in both the academic and the art communities.

Andy Calkiewicz

Andy Calkiewicz

Andy Calkiewicz relied on his Bachelor’s degree as a foundation for his graduate school education. With a fervent desire to learn as much as he could about art and art history, he felt it was necessary to begin a pursuit of a Master’s degree. Andy Calkiewicz soon enrolled at Columbia University, beginning the climb towards an eventual Master’s degree in Art History. It was this degree that provided him the credentials he needed to become a Professor of Art History and New York University.

Andy Calkiewicz is now well on his way towards earning a PhD. He remained at Columbia University because he gained a deep respect for the university’s art history program.


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