Andy Calkiewicz, a Family Man

The loving wife, the beautiful child, the perfect job, it’s the American dream and Andy Calkiewicz is certainly living it. Recently, Andy Calkiewicz and his wife Alexandra Calkiewicz brought into the world a beautiful son named Adam. Being a new parent can be tough, as infants are in constant need of attention, even in the middle of the night, but Andy Calkiewicz has been taking it in stride. The rewards, according to Andy Calkiewicz, far outweigh the difficulties. It’s truly a beautiful thing to raise ones own child, and Andy Calkiewicz is glad to have the opportunity. His son, Adam, has become the new light of his life, and Andy Calkiewicz has dedicated himself to being an excellent father.

Andy Calkiewicz

Andy Calkiewicz

This does not mean Andy Calkiewicz doesn’t still have time for his passions. Andy Calkiewicz is a dedicated lover of academics, and has received his Bachelor’s of Fina Arts Degree in Art History & Visual Culture from the Rhode Island School of Design and his Master’s Degree in Art History from Columbia University. Andy Calkiewicz is currently finishing up his PhD, also at Columbia, tirelessly trying to finish his dissertation. While working on his dissertation, Andy Calkiewicz is also a professor of Art History at New York University, where he finds a great passion in enlightening young minds. Andy Calkiewicz is also a published scholar, having written various commentaries on the importance of Surrealism and Dadaism on modern art, published by university presses across the nation. Andy Calkiewicz is an art lover, as well, and often frequents independent galleries in Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn.


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