Andy Calkiewicz on Dadaism and Surrealism

Andy Calkiewicz is a noted scholar on avant garde art movements and has published multiple books of commentary on the history of the avant garde movement by various university presses. The avant garde movement can be incredibly complex and often misunderstood. The main focus of avant garde artists is to break established rules of what art should be. Andy Calkiewicz has noted Duchamp’s submission of a urinal as art to the French Art Institute as one of the major turning points in the avant garde movement. Duchamp, and one of the most famous dadaists, completely changed the definition of what art could be, opening the art scene to all sorts of new pieces, basically turning any object into art itself.

Andy Calkiewicz

Andy Calkiewicz

Andy Calkiewicz is an Art History professor at New York University, where he specializes on teaching classes avant garde art movements. Andy Calkiewicz has a special interest in studying the Surrealim and Dadaism and offering his own comments on the works of these movements and their importance to the artistic tradition. Perhaps one of the important contributions to the art movement was made by the surrealists. Surrealism has become a word in modern usage to describe anything out of the ordinary or “trippy,” but Andy Calkiewicz views this as a misuse of the word. The Surrealists specialized in opening the subconscious to create art on an automatic level. The point was not to create art as fine art, but to create art as true translations of the subconscious. This created a release in the art world, breaking down many barriers, and putting an artist’s vision over traditional rules.


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